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Colour as your finishing design touch

Infuse your bathroom with colour harmony. It is now possible to match the colour of your bathtub to that of your bathroom. Take advantage of a selection of five colours available for our freestanding models. Possibility of adding a second colour.

Customized products, non cancellable, non returnable

  • White

  • Black

  • Red

  • Green

  • Mauve

  • Biscuit

  • Bone

  • Iced gray

  • Sandbar



Heated backrests soothe your back and shoulders

The experience of relaxation is brought to the next level by the Rayola option. Unwind from your daily stress with heated back support specifically designed for total relaxation.

Two heated backrests can be installed in bathtubs for a shared bath. An innovation that will provide well-being and immediate comfort.

Two settings

Integrated into the bathtub, the electronic control allows you to choose between two heat settings, ensuring an experience adapted to your needs.

Energy efficient

With its environmentally-friendly design, the Rayola option consumes only a fraction of energy.



Add colour for a multisensory journey

Our Chromatherapy component adds the beneficial effects of colours on your body and mind to enhance your massage experience. Each colour has a therapeutic effect on a specific energy core of your body. An ideal complement to any of our systems, Chromatherapy creates the ambiance you want as you relax in pure comfort. Built into the contour of the bathtub, Chromatherapy is composed of one powerful lighting fixture.

Cleanly designed and adapted to the style of your bathtub, Chromatherapy creates a soothing or energizing ambiance depending on the colour you choose.

Simply by pushing a button
  • Off
  • White
  • Stop on a colour of the rainbow
  • Rainbow loop
  • Stop on a complementary colour of the rainbow
  • Stop
    • Available for most models.